Letters: Bankruptcy beats higher taxes

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Gov. Bruce Rauner has said Illinois municipalities should be allowed to file for bankruptcy to restructure debts. File photo by Seth Perlman, AP.

Illinois is broke, Chicago is broke, CPS is broke, the federal government is broke.The Sun-Times reports that there is a law that municipalities cannot file for bankruptcy.Are our politicians really that stupid?

Just because legislators have the power to raise taxes doesn’t mean they should.Enough is enough.I know certain people in the state made promises, but they made promises with other people’s money. It’s time the public just said “no more.” No more taxes, no more nonsense. If you can’t pay your bills with what you have, declare bankruptcy like the rest of us.

Larry Craig, Wilmette

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Nobody should listen to Moody’s

So Moody’s has downgraded Chicago’s bond rating. So what. Someone somewhere has to explain to me why anyone should pay attention to a company whose senior executives should all be in prison for the fraud they committed when they gave triple-A ratings to mortgage bond instruments that the whole world now calls “toxic assets.” They helped bring the world economy to near collapse.The same goes for Fitch and S&P.

Walter R. Kowalczyk, Jefferson Park

Start laying people off

The Illinois Supreme Court says pensions can’t be reduced, so it’s time to start laying people off, accelerating the natural rate of attrition, reducing pay, and movingnew employees into jobs with 401(k). Hire contract workers for basic services, paying nobenefits, and off-load health care responsibilities to Obamacare and the private contractors.

Then amend the Illinois Constitution to outlaw pension benefits in perpetuity, and forbid unlimitedfunding of local government pensions by the state, especially without yearly ratification by the Illinois General Assembly. Local governments should be responsible for their own pensions and declare bankruptcy if that’s what it takes to make the system solvent.

Thomas Cechner, Lockport

Spare me those early TV political ads

If I have to listen to Sen. Mark Kirk’s political TV ads for the next year and half out — he’s already launched one — I, for one, will definitely vote for his opposition in November 2016. What is he thinking?

Sandy Weber, Elmhurst

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