Splitsville rumors continue to haunt Affleck and Garner

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Even though Ben Affleck and his wife Jennifer Garner have been spotted with their children, doing family oriented activities in recent days, rumors the couple’s marriage may be on the verge of falling apart are increasing in intensity.

The high-profile Hollywood couple, who have been married for nearly a decade and are the parents to three young children, long had seemed to be partners in one of the entertainment world’s best marriages.

However, in recent days, I’ve spoken to several sources close to both the Oscar-winner Affleck and his actress wife and they confirm that the couple have been struggling with a number of issues.

One of Affleck’s frequent professional associates told me early Wednesday, “I know that Ben and Jennifer deeply love each other and, of course, are deeply devoted to their kids — they’re among the best parents I’ve known in Hollywood over the years. But, like many marriages I believe the pressures of work and the distances that can cause in this business have taken a toll. I do sense tension between the two of them. I just hope they can work it out.”

Another source, who admitted she’s closer to Garner, added, “I would be devastated if they did break up. I have always thought that if there was one Hollywood marriage that would survive — among stars of their generation — it would be the two of them.”

Reportedly, part of the problem is Affleck’s intense commitment to his craft. “Ben is a total workaholic, always pushing, pushing, pushing,” said my original source. “That can be hard to live with — a person who is thinking about work 24/7.”

A third source, who has worked with Affleck as a studio executive also pointed to the actor and director’s well-known obsession with gambling and “often going off with his pals for all-night sessions in L.A. and in Vegas. … Jennifer Garner is not a fan of that at all. I know that to be a fact.”

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