Rachel Dolezal getting reality show offers

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As often is the case these days, a controversial personality — for which former Spokane, Washington NAACP president Rachel Dolezal certainly qualifies — frequently are presented with opportunities to further public presence via a reality TV show.

Dolezal, who has found fame (infamy?) as a biological Caucasian woman who has presented herself as African-American, reportedly already has received pitches to do a reality show from at least two or three production companies.

By the way, these so-called offers often don’t end up becoming broadcast or cable TV realities, but the mere offer is an indication Dolezal has perked the interest of various infotainment outlets.

†In related Dolezal news, actor LeVar Burton, who first found fame via the acclaimed and groundbreaking “Roots” series decades ago, is quoted by TMZ as saying, “being Black in America is NOT a game.” While Burton stressed he is not speaking for the nation’s African-American community, he did believe he could “speak for Kunta [Kinte],” the character he portrayed on “Roots,” and does not buy Dolezal’s comparison to Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn, claiming she is “trans-racial.”

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