Nazr Mohammed ready for life after basketball

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Bulls center Nazr Mohammed isn’t hanging up the sneakers, yet. But when he does, the 17-year veteran will be ready to transition into life after hoops.

In a blog post, Mohammed writes that he’s “caught the broadcast bug!”

Mohammed was one of eight veteran players who enrolled in the NBPA’s “Sportscaster U” program. Here’s what he took away:

It’s one thing to be in the news and another thing to be delivering the news. Going in to Sportscaster U, the NBPA’s sports broadcast program, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. But once I got there, I was impressed by how the program covered every single aspect of sports broadcasting.

Having been through the program, Mohammed offered some advice to the NBA:

Personally, I think every player should go through Sportscaster U. because it shows you how much work goes on behind the scenes. It makes you want to be a better interviewee.

Mohammed was also surprised at how rigorous life can be on the other side of the microphone:

One part of the experience that I found surprising was how physically draining it was, especially since we are used to physically exerting our bodies. We are guys who work out for an hour or two, maybe twice a day. You can pretty much get your workouts done in about four hours, with some breaks in-between. Working a 9-to-5 (although we were there most nights until 6pm) and then trying to work out…I was exhausted, mentally and physically. Even though there was a lot of sitting, it was still mentally exhausting.

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