Letters: Rally at Soldier Field was right call

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I don’t always agree with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, but he made the right decision to move the Blackhawks victory rally to Soldier Field. The booing when he was introduced was rude and not representative of the people of Chicago. I am as thrilled as anybody for the Hawk’s success, but were the people doing the booing prepared to come up with $1 million to repair the jewel of a park on our lakefront? I doubt it.

Thomas M. Smith, Beverly

Eliminate penny, $1 bill

While we’re at it why not do the job right and eliminate the penny and $1 bill?

The penny and 1-spot are not worth what they used to be. People store pennies in jars on their dressers and the limp dollar doesn’t go in the slot of vending machines. Time to use a coin, maybe a $5 coin as well. It costs 1.7 cents to make a penny and 8 cents to make a nickel. As for a woman replacing Hamilton on the $10, there aren’t any females of the same stature as the founding fathers and presidents. Why not put a crowd of females on the 10 such as Betsy Ross, Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Sacagawea, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sandra Day O’Connor, Susan B Anthony, Rachel Carson.

Thomas Cechner, Lockport

Impolite drivers

Driver incivility is rife in our increasingly disconnected, electronics-obsessed society. Empathy, and awareness of and concern for others is all but nonexistent. Furthermore, few people seem to know and value how their behavior causes others to experience them.

Narcissistic, boorishly impulsive, dysfunctional drivers continue to imperil us all.

We have now created the shortest measurable unit of time. It is: a car stopped at a red light and the sound of the horn behind it when the light turns green.

As we approach the nadir of driver destructiveness, has “Whither mankind?’ descended to “Wither mankind?”

Leon Hoffman, Lake View

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