Adam Eaton’s effort epitomizes White Sox season

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The White Sox are in the middle of a putrid season, but it would be more palatable if they at least played the game the right way.

The Sox, instead, are the worst defensive and baserunning team in the majors. The fact that they can’t hit is almost an afterthought after the parade of errors routinely made in the field and on the base paths.

Adam Eaton epitomized the season the Sox are having in the fifth inning against the Twins on Wednesday, when he didn’t even bother running out a ground ball.

He thought the sharply hit ball was a lineout and pulled up twice while heading toward first base. The throw to first was off target, but Kennys Vargas was still able to collect the ball and step on the base a fraction of a second before Eaton.

The play was reviewed and upheld.

Here’s a look at Eaton’s hustle:

The cameras caught manager Robin Ventura having words with Eaton in the dugout after the play, and Ventura certainly looked annoyed.

And he should be. Eaton’s mistake is the sort little leaguers are taught not to make when they are 6 and hitting off a tee.

Eaton, who has posted a .245/.314/.352 slash line this season, certainly knows better.

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