Letters: Money can’t erase ignorance

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump waves as he arrives at a house party Tuesday, June 30, 2015, in Bedford, N.H. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

Most Mexicans here are hard-working religious people and to classify themas criminals and rapists shows very obviously that money doesn’t make a person smart and is no excuse for Donald Trump’s ignorant comments.

John Corona, Niles

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Let public see Trans-Pacific trade deal

It’s past time for the public to get a look at the proposed texts of theTrans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and InvestmentPartnership (TTIP).The President of the United States has declared the texts “top secret.” Hehas now received Trade Promotion Authority, also known as Fast Track,which means our elected officials have given up their authority for inputon these, and other “trade” bills and can only vote them up or down.One or more of our elected officials should leak the most recent texts of the agreements sothe public can be made aware of them. Bring the documents out into thesunlight of democracy.

Tom Broderick, Oak Park

Time to move beyond Confederate Flag obsession

The Civil War ended in 1865.Since then, America has been involved in American-IndianWars of the 1870’s, the Spanish American War, two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam,Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraqi debacle.

For those all so-concerned about the South’s fallen brothers, history, and traditions of that war andhow these elements relate to the Confederate flag, how many of you can name the American general who was the Supreme Allied Commander in the invasion of Normandy? A clue: he later becamePresident of the United States.What isNormandy? Why did the United States get involved in World War Two? Who were the presidents of the United States duringboth Korean and Vietnam conflicts? How many American GI’s were killed in Vietnam? Where and whatis Kuwait, andwhatdid theUnited States have to do with it?What was “shock and awe” all-about?

Giventhe average American’signorance of 20th and 21st Century events which have permanentlychanged this nation’s social, political, and economic landscape, whytheconcern over thelong-since dead whom you never even knew in the first place? Why the emphasison thearchaicmid-1800’s,especially whenthese past eventsbear no relationship whatsoever toAmericanlifeof 2015?In that context,to the those who arguethe proprietyvs. the impropriety of displayingthe Confederate flag, or images of such on automobile license plates,justlet the 1800sand theAmerican Civil War go, and just move on!

Earl Beal, Terre Haute, Ind.

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