A woman wears a shirt with ‘Black Lives Matter’ during a memorial service for slain 18 year-old Michael Brown Jr. on August 9, 2015 at the Canfield Apartments in Ferguson, Missouri. AFP PHOTO / MICHAEL B. THOMAS / Getty Images

Letters: Watching black lives really begin to matter

SHARE Letters: Watching black lives really begin to matter
SHARE Letters: Watching black lives really begin to matter

If police officers weren’t killing unarmed black men and women across the country there may not have been a “Black Lives Matter” or “Black Men Matter” movement.

As African Americans, we have been so caught up in the onslaught of systematic racial injustices and the killing of black men and women at the hands of law enforcement officers that it has led to a prophetic consciousness of black pride and unity that America hasn’t seen in a very long time.You can almost feel the spirits of the deceased sweltering up like a flame ready to ignite. We have reached a pinnacle in our everyday lives that have put the blood of our neighbors ahead of our own.

The irony is that it has given many young African American men and women a purpose larger than themselves — that they are willing to be arrested and/or die for.And for this, we owe our brothers and sisters a tremendous amount of gratitude for standing up for the rights of all people of color.

From the ashes of civil disobedience, new leaders will emerge, new laws will be written and a new world order will prevail. It’s not by chance that Donald Trump made the racist and derogatory statements that he made against Mexicans. His remarks have unified all people of Spanish dissent.Minorities in this country are simply fed up with being viewed and treated like scum, and America will undoubtedly pay for all the lives that have been lost. God works in mysterious ways — this I know for certain.

WilliamJ. Booker, Auburn Gresham,founder,Black Men Matter

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Latest Trump dust-up overblown

I am not a fan of Mr. Trump, but the recent controversy over his statement about Megyn Kelly is really a stretch. Donald Trump makes enough statements that are controversial without the need for the media to sensationalize them even further.This was clearly acase of the media making news, not reporting it.

Barbara Marion, Palos Hills

Hillary Clinton dogged by bad decisions

Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders surges as Hillary Clinton, America’s lady-in-waiting, continues to misfire. Her bad decisions, some from years ago, are returning to dog her campaign to become our first female president. Her use of a personal server in the basement of her private residence for official State Department correspondence never did pass the sniff test, for it smacked of secrecy, lack of transparency and derision for accepted procedure. The discovery that some emails on the gerry-rigged and insecure system were secret, in direct contradiction to what she assured the American people in March of this year, has forced her to turn the server over to objective investigators. We know that she has lied about this all along and are left wondering why someone with such a sparkling future would freely choose to lay herself low. Dr. Freud?

Paul Bloustein, Cincinnati

Trump isn’t “new face” in America

So reader J. Ries, is convinced that ” illegal aliens,” whatever that is have become America’s big problem and our hospitals are “overrun with illegal aliens,” because of liberal Democrats. He also added that Trump is the best candidate for the job as POTUS because he’s “not going away,” and “he’s a new face on our nation.” To him I say, there are 54 million Hispanics in the U.S., 17 percent of our population. That means there will be 128 million Hispanics living in America by 2060. Donald Trump is not the new face of America, Hispanics are. They are not going any time soon, and talk about gaining momentum. Hispanics are not the problem but hysterics are, but I guess I’m just a ” Kool-Aid drinking liberal.”

Pat Kennedy,Mt greenwood

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