Other sports-related movie bloopers

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SHARE Other sports-related movie bloopers

The White Sox hat blooper in “Straight Outta Compton” recalls some similar sports-related mistakes in movies.

The opening scene in “Compton” takes place in 1986 and shows Eazy-E wearing a White Sox cap that the team didn’t begin wearing until the ’90s. All in all, a minor gaffe, but fun for sports and movie buffs to point out.

Here are some other factual movie mistakes involving sports you might or might not know about:

—Throughout “Miracle” players were shown wearing CCM helmets and other equipment from the ’90s, some 10 years after the U.S. Olympic victory, MovieMistakes.com points out. Then again, who’s going to save AND wear 10-year-old, smelly hockey equipment.


—Again in “Miracle,” goalies put their water bottles on the net, which didn’t start happening until the mid-80s.

—In “Eight Men Out,” a movie set in 1919, several of the players keep their index finger out of the glove, a practice that didn’t begin until the 1950s.

—Comiskey Park is shown with a warning track in “Eight Men Out,” but the first warning track came in 1923 at Yankee Stadium.

—The edges of the backboard in “Hoosiers” are padded in 1952, something that didn’t happen until years later.

—The Butler Field House in “Hoosiers” did not have multicolored seats in 1952.

—Tiger Stadium is shown with 1990 seat logos in “*61.”

—In “Brian’s Song,” the Bears are shown playing in Soldier Field, but Piccolo played all his games in Wrigley Field.

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