How do Chicago’s athletic uniforms stack up against the rest of the country?

SHARE How do Chicago’s athletic uniforms stack up against the rest of the country?
SHARE How do Chicago’s athletic uniforms stack up against the rest of the country?

Chicago athletes are some of the best-dressed in the country, according to new rankings developed by the good folks at Uni-Watch.

The rankings aim to measure the best-looking city as judged by their professional sports teams’ uniforms.

Chicago ranked third on the list, behind only Boston and Pittsburgh.

In order to be included in the rankings, a city had to have at least three teams in the four major sports of baseball, basketball, football and hockey. Each city was given a Uniform Numerical Index, or UNI, which is calculated like so:

Each team’s uniform set was ranked on a scale of 1 to 10. When applicable, points were added or subtracted for intangibles that affect the fan’s visual experience, such as a particularly attractive ballpark (always good for an extra point or two) or a domed football stadium (an automatic two-point deduction). The city’s total points were then tallied and divided by its number of teams, resulting in the UNI. For example, a city with a good-looking MLB team (8.5 points), a mediocre-looking NBA team (4), and a decent-looking NFL team that plays in a dome (6 minus 2) would have a UNI of 5.5.

All teams were judged by their current uniform sets, so past uniforms and promotional jerseys were not considered.

Here is what Uni-Watch said about Chicago and their rankings for each of the city’s teams:

Turn on a game in the Windy City and you can be assured that at least one of the teams will be looking sharp. A lot of this is a function of stability: Each Chicago team has stuck with its basic look for at least a generation (even the White Sox, whose uniform program used to be a revolving door). Some folks might think this lack of change is boring. Others might say it’s a refreshing dose of traditionalism. But Uni Watch views it as a citywide case study in if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. UNI WATCH SCORE: Cubs: 9.5, White Sox: 7.5, Bears: 10, Bulls: 6.5, Blackhawks: 7, Intangibles: Bonus points for Wrigley Field (2). UNI: 8.5

Boston had a UNI score of 9.13 and Pittsburgh clocked in with a score of 8.83.

Denver (3.88), Tampa Bay (3.0) and Atlanta (2.67) were at the bottom of the rankings.

You can view the complete rankings on ESPN’s website by clicking here.

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