DePaul University Dean Gerald Koocher

Letters: DePaul must hold Dean Koocher accountable

SHARE Letters: DePaul must hold Dean Koocher accountable
SHARE Letters: DePaul must hold Dean Koocher accountable

As expressed in a Sunday editorial, the Chicago Sun-Times believes, as I do, that “ethics matter” and “strong measures” are needed when a reputation is damaged.

The Sun-Times’ call is consistent with international human rights standards that oppose impunity for those who are responsible for torture. Those who perpetuate, condone and support torture are rarely held accountable. The failure to hold people accountable means that torture continues. Such has been the history of torture inChicago; such will be the legacy of the torture that occurred at Guantanamo.

DePaul University has an opportunity to take a stand against such impunity. The College ofDuPage and the University of Illinois have held their leaders accountable for the ethical failures of their leaders.Will DePaul do the same with Dean Gerald Koocher?

The consequences of the ethics problems outlined in the Hoffman report — a review of the role of psychologists in interrogations at Guantanamo — arguably go much further than the harm done atUICand the College of DuPage.With the help of psychologists, people were tortured.It is not only the profession of psychology that was injured; it was real people who faced no trial.

Without action by DePaul, DeanKoocherwill remain a leader in the university.Shouldn’t there be accountability for his ethical lapses? It seems to me that the Vincentian identity of DePaul requires such action.

Nancy Bothne

DePaul University Alumna

Former Midwest Regional Director, Amnesty International USA

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