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On this day: Babe Ruth caught a fly ball barehanded at Comiskey Park after a dog ran off with his glove

If Babe Ruth were alive today, he’d probably make a lot of Top 10 plays on ESPN’s “SportsCenter.”

Like this one, as documented by

Aug 20, 1923 — At Comiskey Park‚ the Yanks are winning a laugher‚ 16-5‚ when a dog wanders onto left field in the 9th inning. Babe Ruth briefly plays with the pup‚ then tosses his mitt to chase it away. The dog promptly grabs the mitt and takes off at the same moment that Sox rookie pitcher Paul Castner lofts a fly to left. Babe casually catches the fly bare handed.

Wouldn’t be the first time Ruth was distracted at Comiskey Park. Legend has it the slugger used to run to McCuddy’s saloon between innings for a beer or two.