Cubs deserve more than a one-game playoff

SHARE Cubs deserve more than a one-game playoff
SHARE Cubs deserve more than a one-game playoff

The wild-card system is a great thing until the team you donate blood to wins 21 games during a 26-game span. Then you wonder why your terrific team might end up being reduced to a one-game playoff for the right to get a seat at the adult table.

This is where the Cubs and their fans are now. They’re greedy, and they have every right to be. If the club plays the last month of the season anywhere close to the way it’s playing now, it deserves better than a play-in game.

The Cubs are on pace for 94 victories. I know we’re looking waaaaaaaaaay ahead here, but wouldn’t it be a shame if their season ended with a loss to Pittsburgh in a one-game playoff? All that effort and excitement for one game?

I know, I know: The regular-season schedule is 162 games for a reason. It rewards the teams that can make it through all the challenges of a six-month forced march.

But you see a Cubs team that has gone far beyond what anyone predicted. You see all that youth, a good pitching staff and a fun manager. You want more.

You’re left to hope that the Cubs win their do-or-die game and get a chance to show the world what they’re made of. Otherwise — what’s the phrase? — wait till next year.

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