Wear contacts? You’re handling them wrong

SHARE Wear contacts? You’re handling them wrong
SHARE Wear contacts? You’re handling them wrong

Nearly every single one of the 41 million contact wearers in the U.S. are doing at least one thing wrong when it comes to handling their contacts, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

These behaviors are leading many contact wearers to the doctor for red and painful eyes, the report said.

What are people (and probably you) doing wrong?

• Keeping your contact case for too long (You should replace your case at least once every three months.)

• Topping off the contact solution in your case before storing your lenses (Rather than emptying it out, rinsing the case and filling it up again.)

• Sleeping in your contact lenses

Doing any of these things increases your risk of infection by about five times, according to the CDC.

Contacts should be removedwhile swimming or showering, and contact cases should be rinsed out with solution and dried with a clean tissue before being stored face down, the CDC writes.

You’ve only got two eyes, and you use them to do nearly everything. Why not treat them a little better?

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