It’s pretty long odds that we’ll ever see another Michael Jordan comeback. | AP

Odds are Michael Jordan won’t make a comeback, but Allen Iverson ...

SHARE Odds are Michael Jordan won’t make a comeback, but Allen Iverson ...
SHARE Odds are Michael Jordan won’t make a comeback, but Allen Iverson ...

We probably won’t see Michael Jordan or Brett Favre scratch the itch ever again, but don’t be so sure Allen Iverson and Randy Moss won’t.

The good folks at MyTopSportsBook.com have posted odds on some famous retired athletes making a comeback. MJ is at 2500-1 to lace ’em up again, but Iverson is just 45-1. Moss, who hinted at a comeback this week, is just 38-1.

Here are the odds from MyTopSportsBook.com on various sports stars making a comeback:


Patrick Willis – 24/1

Randy Moss – 38/1

Maurice Jones-Drew – 55/1

Troy Polamalu – 70/1

Justin Smith – 75/1

Tony Gonzalez – 80/1

Ed Reed – 100/1

Chris Borland – 400/1

Barry Sanders – 5,000/1

Herschel Walker – 5,000/1

Brett Favre – 12,000/1


Allen Iverson – 45/1

Richard Hamilton – 50/1

Tracy McGrady – 175/1

Steve Nash – 175/1

Michael Jordan – 2500/1

Shaquille O’Neal – 2500/1


Juan Pierre – 49/1

Jason Giambi – 60/1

Andy Pettitte – 70/1

Derek Jeter – 500/1

Roger Clemens – 1000/1

Barry Bonds – 1500/1


Evgeni Nabokov – 40/1

Martin St. Louis – 40/1

Martin Brodeur – 80/1

Teemu Selanne – 100/1

Mario Lemieux – 2000/1

Wayne Gretzky – 3000/1


David Beckham – 33/1

Lennox Lewis – 70/1

Greg Norman – 300/1

John McEnroe – 2000/1

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