Jay Cutler dislike is growing — report

SHARE Jay Cutler dislike is growing — report
SHARE Jay Cutler dislike is growing — report

Jay Cutler’s numbers are on the rise, but that’s not a good thing.

Danny Ecker of Crain’s Chicago Business examined Cutler’s Q Scores, marketing data that measures a celebrity’s likability.

While the Bears quarterback is the best-known athlete in Chicago, he’s not well-liked according to recent Q Scores.

Ecker writes:

Among respondents familiar with Cutler, 34 percent rate him as fair or poor in terms of likability, according to the company’s most recent survey of about 1,800 U.S. adults. That measurement, which Q Scores identifies as an athlete’s negative Q score, is more than twice the average of 16 percent for all sports personalities and celebrities.

Ecker points out the number is on the rise from two seasons ago, when 23 percent of those who knew Cutler said they disliked him.

Devin Hester rips Jay Cutler: ‘Wouldn’t throw to me’Still, Cutler is quite popular. The report states that “35 percent of U.S. adults know who Cutler is, compared with 28 percent awareness for the average sports personality.”

Ecker writes:

Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose is the second-most recognizable active player in the city, with 27 percent awareness. The next-most recognizable are Chicago Cubs Anthony Rizzo and Jon Lester (19 percent each) and Kris Bryant (17 percent), and Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane (15 percent—before becoming the subject of a criminal investigation.)

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