On March 15, 2012, former Gov. Rod Blagojevich waves as he departs his Chicago home for Littleton, Colo., to begin his 14-year prison sentence on corruption charges.

Tuesday Letters: 14 years for Blago unfair

SHARE Tuesday Letters: 14 years for Blago unfair
SHARE Tuesday Letters: 14 years for Blago unfair

I was glad to see your Monday editorial regarding Rod Blagojevich. He got a raw deal for sure. He didn’t deserve the sentence he received, and many people feel this way. Other governors convicted of crimes have received much lighter sentences, and so did such political big wigs as Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife, Sandy.

Peggy Ryan, Canaryville

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Live and die by good research

Ihope the nexttime theSun-Times wants toquote some “research study” asa reason to advocate for more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners,it will keep its own editorialon Sunday — “Debunk Bad Science & Embrace the Good — in mind.

Mark A. Nauyokas, Justice

Obama works within his powers

Columnist Mona Charen is suffering from Obama Derangement. Presidents have always used executive actions to bypass an obstructionist Congress, It is one of the powers given the executive branch, as is power of the recess appointment. Everything Obama has done has been well within his authority under the Constitution,

Michael Shepherd, Bellwood

Republicans also used private email

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is being criticized —massively and constantly — by Republicans for using private servers for official business. Republicans before her did the same. Mitt Romney, when governor of Massachusetts, had a private server. He dumped it when he left office. Jeb Bush, as governor of Florida, did the same. Why weren’t they criticized also? Is thisa case of hypocrisy or a double standard?It’s both.

Karen Wagner, Rolling Meadows

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