Israeli peace activists hold a candle in a family’s home set on fire by suspected Jewish extremists and where a Palestinian toddler was burned to death on August 2, 2015 in the West Bank village of Duma. The firebombing sparked an international outcry over Israel’s failure to curb violence by hardline Jewish settlers. AFP PHOTO / JAAFAR ASHTIYEH

Letters: Unfair admonishing of Israel

SHARE Letters: Unfair admonishing of Israel
SHARE Letters: Unfair admonishing of Israel

Last week an Israeli terrorist lit a fire that killedatoddler. Thewhole world, especiallyour president, admonished Israel,as though all Israelis were terrorists. Thiswas a very rare occasion as usually it is the Israelis are the innocent ones getting killed, but then no one says anything.

In a story in Wednesday’s paper, ‘Report: mass public shootings on the rise,’ the reporter wrote about the horrible murders happening here in in the U.S. on a daily basis, either by private individuals, cops, or terrorists. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, or leaders of other countriesdo not call Obama and demand that thesesenselesskillings stop. Nordo theycondemnall of Americansfor the acts of a few people. Anti-Semitism and no other reason can explainwhy this behavior has been going on for millennia.

I am so sorry that Israel has lostits voice in the Sun-Times with the retirement of Steve Huntley.

Eudice Germaine, Huntley

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What would Mike Madigan do?

Reader McGuire’s letter to the editor on Tuesday criticizes Governor Rauner as “a big business boss who thinks he can call his underlings to a meeting and say ‘OK, guys, this is what we’re gunna do!’ I wonder what Mr. McGuire would say about Mike Madigan?

Champ Davis, Oak Brook

Personal choice should prevail with abortions

Must wonder, how many actually know the details of an abortion.Like any medical procedure, some details can be very disturbing and at times gruesome.This is an elective or chosen medical procedure — patient’s consent must be given.Fetal tissue/parts for medical research have been used legally since 1930.Knowingly or not, many have benefited from this type of research, vaccines, etc. Simply not funding Planned Parenthood and its various programs, birth control methods,sex education/information, will not lower abortion rate but probably raise illicit/illegal abortion.

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