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Avocado toast is trendy … but is it healthy?

You’ve definitely heard about it — and maybe you’ve even seen it on restaurant menus.

Avocado toast — essentially, avocado smashed on a piece of bread — is the nation’s hottest snack right now.

While at its most basic level, avocado toast consists of two ingredients, many food magazines are publishing recipes that take it to the next level with other veggies, dressings and toppings.

But as a meal or snack, is it healthy?

Bon Appetit, patient zero in the avocado toast epidemic, sought to answer that question with some help from a nutritionist. The mag spoke with McKel Hill, MS, RD, LDN of the Nutrition Stripped blog for the answer.

Her answer? Yes — and it’s even better with more vegetables on top. If you’re eating the toast as a snack, try to contain yourself to eating a half or quarter of the avocado, though.

According to the USDA, a whole avocado has about 230 calories.

To read what else Hill said and to check out Bon Appetit’s avocado toast recipes, visit their site.