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Theo Fleury launches country music career

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Theo Fleury has lived a crazy life, and now the ex-Blackhawk is singing about it. “My Life’s been a Country Song,” just released, encapsulates Fleury’s frenetic NHL career and dark moments as a youth.

In a 2009 memoir, “Playing with Fire,” the seven-time all-star wrote about his battles with drugs and alcohol, and the sexual abuse he suffered as a junior hockey player.

During his only season with the Blackhawks in 2003, Fleury would later say, “I was trying to kill myself.”

Now, the 47-year-old Fleury is flourishing and has channeled his positive energy into his debut album, “I Am Who I Am,” set for release on Oct. 23.

“The album is definitely dark,” Fleury said. “The songs are all about my life, my experience, my struggle. But they’re also about coming through that struggle. At the end of every song, there’s hope. That’s what the lyrics and music reflect: Hope and healing. If people listen to this and there’s a line or a word or a phrase that helps them get out of the situation they’re in or how they’re feeling, that’s really why we’re doing this. The message is that no matter how far we may fall, we can make it back.”