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Trevor Cahill was just thrown out at first from right field

Pitchers aren’t typically very productive in the batter’s box, that goes double for relief pitchers. So when Trevor Cahill punched the ball into right field, it seemed a stroke of luck.

Unfortunately, he never made it to first base.

Pirates right fielder Gregory Polanco was playing almost directly down the right field line against the right handed hitting Cahill. On a hit that could be a double for other batters, Cahill was out by a mile.

Cubs right fielder Chris Coghland tried to pull the same move in the bottom half of the inning against third baseman Jung Ho Kang, but to no avail.

So far Tuesday, it’s been that kind of game for the Cubs. Despite getting an early one run lead in their half of the first inning, the Cubs quickly fell behind 4-1.

The Cubs will be back on the field later in the day for the second game of the doubleheader.