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MLB Radio made a note to excuse fans for the Cubs-Pirates game

Afternoon baseball is a thing of beauty, but when it happens in the middle of the work day it can present a dilemma for fans stuck at work.

Fortunately, as the Cubs square off against the Pirates in a hugely important game to decide the Wild Card standings, MLB Network Radio has everything figured out.

Please excuse _______ from work at 1:34pm ET/10:34am PT today so that he/she can listen to the huge NL Central matchup between the Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates on Sirius 215, XM 184, and the SiriusXM App

Sure, presenting this to a boss may not go over too well, but it’s worth it, right?

The Cubs and Pirates kick off a four game series with a doubleheader Tuesday. Chicago sits four games behind Pittsburgh for the top spot in the Wild Card race.

Game one of the doubleheader starts at 12:34 CT with the second game starting at 6:05.