Robert Pattinson bemoans today’s stars’ inability to safely act ‘wild’

SHARE Robert Pattinson bemoans today’s stars’ inability to safely act ‘wild’

Sounds like Robert Pattinson would have been happier living in the past — when it was easier for celebrities to shield their private misbehaving from the glare of today’s public opinion.

In an interview with the online magazine The Talks, the “Twilight” star expressed frustration that celebrity today means high-profile people can’t act “super wild” without it possibly hurting their careers.

The ever-present paparazzi and social media platforms are to blame, in Pattinson’s opinion.

The actor said that while working on “Twilight,” the film studio encouraged he and his co-stars to act “vanilla” to discourage the tabloid media. He recalled how he angered executives while promoting the first “Twilight” film whever he “kept getting photographed, like, being drunk and smoking cigarettes and things.”

Pattinson also makes reference to Colin Farrell in the interview, noting that — in his opinion — the Irish actor’s earlier wild behavior may have even helped his career. “I think the landscape has changed so much [recently] … when [Farrell] was super wild, that was only seven years ago, eight years ago, but I don’t even think you’re allowed to be like that anymore.

“If you do that now, you just don’t get employed. At all. Everyone wants you to be so vanilla! It’s so lame! … So, everyone’s just like secret drug addicts instead.”

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