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Few snaps, but Bears’ Lamarr Houston positive

Lamarr Houston is making about $6 million in base salary this year.

Sunday, he played four defensive downs.

“It is what it is,” the outside linebacker said Wednesday at Halas Hall. “It happens. If I get to play, great. if I go back and fix it, and see what I need to do, to play.”

Bears coach John Fox said earlier in the week it was harder to substitute the outside linebacker Sunday because of the Packers’ no-huddle. He implied Houston would play more going forward.

“I’m excited,” Houston said. “I’m going to prepare just as I did last week — to get better.”

Outside linebacker Jared Allen guaranteed Houston will “make a bunch of plays for us” this year, and said he handled Sunday well.

“I might have flipped out on the sideline,” he said.