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Active Trans offers freebies, not just deduction, if you donate your car

Car donation in Chicago has a new twist.

Beginning Thursday, if you donate your car to the Active Transportation Alliance, you will receive free memberships to the Divvy bike share program and the Enterprise CarShare program — on top of a tax deduction.

“More and more we see people going car-free or downsizing their car and really taking advantage of the emerging options for traveling without a car,” said Ron Burke, executive director of the group. “So we made some of those options free in return for donating a car.”

In addition, the group — which is bent on weening people from their personal vehicles and toward bikes, walking and public transportation — is also offering a free seven-day unlimited Ventra pass, special rates at Ancien Cycles (a bike shop in the West Town neighborhood) and a one-year membership to the Active Transportation Alliance, which normally would cost $35.

The one-year Divvy membership — valued at $75 — includes unlimited rides. The one-year Enterprise CarShare membership — which retails for $65 — includes $50 of driving credits. However, Burke said, supplies of both are limited.

Burke said the program is in line with a trend of carless living that has given rise to Uber and other transportation sharing programs.

“We couldn’t think of a better way to say ‘thanks’ for a car donation than giving people the tools they need to make the transition to a car-free or car-lite lifestyle,” he said.

Anyone who wants to sign up for the program should visit

Ron Burke, executive director of Active Transportation Alliance, says the group was looking for ways to encourage people to give up their cars. | Sun-Times file photo