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IDOC seeking $110K from parolee to pay for incarceration

The Illinois Department of Corrections is suing a paroled inmate, arguing she should use money from a trust — estimated to be worth more than $200,000 — to reimburse the department the nearly $110,000 it cost to incarcerate her.

The lawsuit was filed by the IDOC Monday in Cook County Circuit Court against Yolanda Fondren.

Fondren was paroled in July 2014 after she served nearly 5 years of a 10-year sentence. She was convicted of attempted armed violence with a category 1 weapon, according to the IDOC.

The IDOC argues that housing Fondren at Logan Correctional Center, located in downstate Lincoln, Ill., cost the department $109,905.61.

Citing a section of the Illinois Unified Code of Corrections, the department argues that Fondren is obligated to reimburse them.

According to the suit, the IDOC believes that money should come out of a trust that Fondren is a beneficiary of that is worth more than $200,000.

Fondren could not be reached for comment Wednesday evening.