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Bears QB Jay Cutler injures hamstring against Cardinals

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler injured his hamstring late in the first half of Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals. He was ruled out at halftime.

Cutler was injured trying to make a tackle after being intercepted by safety Tony Jefferson, who scored on the play for a 28-14 lead.

“It takes a while to run tests,” coach John Fox said when asked if it’s a season-ending injury for Cutler. “Our medical people will inform me, then I’ll inform you. At this point, he’s got a pulled hamstring.”

Cutler went low on his tackle attempt and landed hard on his right side and shoulder. Jefferson also stiff-armed Cutler to the back of his helmet. Cutler immediately headed to the locker room after the play.

Share Events on The CubeFox was asked if Cutler also hurt his right side and shoulder.

“It’s a hamstring,” Fox said.

How does Fox feel about Cutler chasing down Jefferson?

“They’re competitors,” Fox said. “Guys do that. I don’t care what position it is. You prefer they don’t pull a hamstring or get injured. But by no means [do you] tell a guy not to compete.”

Cutler was playing well before his injury and interception. He was 8-for-9 for 120 yards and a touchdown in the first half. Cutler also kept the ball three times on option plays for 24 yards.

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