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Big10 duo top AP polls

The Ohio State Buckeyes (No. 1) and the Michigan State Spartans (No.2) are the first Big10 duo to lead AP polls since 2006 after an impressive start to the 2015 season for the conference.

Michigan State received seven first place votes after OSU struggled to defeat Northern Illinois Saturday. The Spartans looked much better than the Buckeyes in a 35-21 victory over Air Force. However, the Buckeyes managed to notch 40 top votes.

Ole Miss jumped from No. 15 to No. 3 after a shocking victory against Alabama and share the spot with undefeated TCU.

The last time the Big10 had two teams ranked as the top in the nation, Ohio State and Michigan were preparing for their annual rivalry game 2006. Then-No.1 Ohio State defeated the Wolverines 42-39.