Monday Letters: Alleged Planned Parenthood video faked

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Hundreds of demonstrators gather outside the governor’s mansion in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015, in a protest calling for Gov. Mark Dayton to defund and investigate Planned Parenthood. | Jim Mone/AP

Carly Fiorina has jumped to number 2 in the polls, based on a debate performance that featured her telling a massive lie about Planned Parenthood. She made an emotional statement, challenging Hillary Clinton and President Obama to watch an alleged Planned Parenthood video purporting to show a living fetus about to be dissected for parts. Yes, pretty gruesome — except for the fact that it isn’t true.

Carol Marin have (and Meet the Press) confirmed that this clip was not in the Planned Parenthood video; it was stock footage that an anti abortion group found and spliced in for added effect. It is unconscionable that a presidential candidate could tell such a lie on national television and even more egregious that the GOP would shut down the government based on this lie. We should indeed vote for candidates based on issues and integrity.

Carol Kraines, Deerfield

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Right-to-work states clobbering Illinois

Can someone arrange for complimentary subscriptions to the Sun-Times for Archbishop Blase Cupich and Neil Steinberg? Apparently Cupich and Steinberg missed the edition about one month ago that included a map showing 17 huge manufacturing plants built or being built. All 17 were in right-to-work states. Last Sunday the Sun-Times published a map that showed which states were right-to-work and which were not. Nearly 75 percent of the states have already adopted right-to-work. This right-to-work stuff seems to be quite popular! Maybe, just maybe, if Illinois were a right to work state, one of those 17 factories could have been built in Illinois, creating several thousand jobs.

Joseph A. Murzanski, Palos Heights

A matter of responsibility

Regarding human services: As a civilized nation, we ought to be compassionate regardless of any other issues [“Rauner: If we are not competitive we cannot be compassionate,” Sun-Times, Sept. 11]. But human services are not a matter of compassion but of responsibility. And since human services provide for the most vulnerable, they must be a priority.

Magda Slattery, Old Town

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