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Bears’ Kyle Long ‘felt really comfortable’ at RT

Having practiced with one all week, Kyle Long didn’t feel strange playing with a club on his right hand Sunday. It helped protect his right hand, which was injured in the season opener against the Packers.

Asked whether the Cardinals tried to take advantage of the cast, Long said that, two weeks after he shifting from right guard to right tackle, he didn’t have a comparison point.

“It’s Week 2 for me out there, so I’m just getting to learn about what they’re doing from a base game-plan standpoint,” Long said.

In that regard, consider Long’s second career game at right tackle an improvement over his first. He allowed a sack on the first drive of the fourth quarter when, he said, he gambled and lost.

“But I felt like for the 70 other times I was back there, I felt really comfortable,” Long said.

He said he had “more of a plan” this week, likely a byproduct of experience, but wouldn’t say whether the cast would return next week.

“The more and more reps I get out there, the more and more comfortable I’ll be, regardless of whatever’s going on with the hand,” he said.

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