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Cubs set franchise record for players with at least 10 home runs

As Greg Maddux famously put it in his famous commercial, “chicks dig the long ball.” In fact, just about everyone loves a good home run.

Which is one of the reasons so many people are enjoying this year’s Cubs team

While no one on the team is putting Barry Bonds record at risk, as a team, they are hitting home runs by the boatload. With 165 home runs on the season, they are in the top ten in the league.

More impressively, everyone is getting in on the action. With Jorge Soler’s seventh inning blast, the Cubs now have nine players with at least 10 home runs. That’s the most in franchise history.

Anthony Rizzo leads the team with 30 long balls, followed by Kris Bryant with 26. Also making the list is Dexter Fowler, Chris Coghlan, Kyle Schwarber, Miguel Montero, Addison Russell, Starlin Castro, and Jorge Soler.

The Cubs fell to the Brewers Wednesday night 4-1, which is one of the risks of having a team so reliant on the home run.