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White Sox win 9,000th MLB game

The Chicago White Sox franchise won its 9,000 victory in Monday’s contest against the Detroit Tigers.

The team formerly known as the White Stockings (9000-8840 W-L, 1901 – 2015), has three World Championships, six pennants, and nine playoff appearances in its 114 year existence.

Like many of the positives in a down year for the Sox, the victory was laborious. It took a nine strikeout performance from Erik Johnson (3-0) to fell the Tigers.

Although the team will most likely miss the playoffs this year, there are pieces the team can build around for the future.

Jose Abreu has proven that he’ll maintain ample power for the middle of the lineup, Chris Sale is as good as any pitcher in baseball (just as injury prone as any as well), and the team’s farm system is also in good shape.

We may be closer to a Cross Town Showdown World Series than we think.