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Animals take over Wrigley Field and it's adorable

For the second day in a row, wild animals have taken over Wrigley Field before the Cubs game.

Under the lead of manager Joe Maddon, the Cubs teamed up with Columbus Zoo to bring in some exotic animals. For the last two days, zoo animals and players have been posing for pictures.

Then today, they brought the big guns out. A cheetah was brought onto the field and players were all to eager to snap a picture with the big cat.

Cheetah Selfie! Who's faster?!?! Lol #wrigleyfieldzoo #favoriteanimal #joesatitagain @cubs

A photo posted by Dexter Fowler (@dexfowler) on Sep 23, 2015 at 1:40pm PDT

Although, Kris Bryant didn’t mind leaving a little more space between him and the speed demon.

For the most part, Maddon’s gimmicks and events have seemingly helped the team stay loose. Already this year they have worn pajamas, Blackhawks sweaters, and gone full Miami to help liven up the atmosphere in the clubhouse.