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According to NBA2K, Derrick Rose is the eighth best point guard in the NBA

It has become difficult to figure out what to expect out of Derrick Rose. The former MVP is in a strange spot in his career and may no longer be among the elite of the elite in the NBA.

In the recently released NBA2K16, Rose was given a rating of 84 (out of 100) which was good enough for eighth best in the entire league.

While that doesn’t sound great for a player who once wanted to be considered the best in the NBA, the point guard position is impressively deep.

There really isn’t much of a competition between Rose and the top three on the list. The remaining four in front of the Bulls star may be closer in comparison, but aren’t coming off multiple injury shortened seasons.

NBA2K is actually being considerably kinder to Rose than the folks at Sports Illustrated. In their annual ranking of the 100 best players, Rose was ranked 59th overall.

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Rose wasn’t the only Bulls player included in the top positional rankings. Jimmy Butler was ranked the third best shooting guard and Pau Gasol was the fifth best power forward. Both players received a rating of 86.