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Vikings to install lactation booths for mothers at Chiefs game

The Minnesota Vikings will become the first NFL franchise to install Mamava lactation suites at the Oct. 18 game against the Kansas City Chiefs, the team announced Tuesday.

The Vikings plan to install four Mamava suites in 2015. There will be two in the Vikings corporate offices and another pair at TCF Bank Stadium.

According to the team’s release, The Vikings plan to further create a family-friendly environment within U.S. Bank Stadium and are exploring a nursing area that will allow moms to stay connected to the game.

“Creating a family-friendly environment and a positive experience for all fans at our football games is paramount to the Minnesota Vikings,” said Vikings Chief Operating Officer Kevin Warren. “While we certainly encourage breastfeeding mothers to nurse where they feel comfortable, we have become increasingly aware of the need many moms have for the privacy and comfort that these Mamava lactation suites provide. In addition, we are always striving to create the most positive workplace environment within our organizations and the pods at our two headquarters will benefit many of our female employees.”

The suites will provide support not just to NFL employees and fans but also for attendees of other events, including Gophers football and Super Bowl LII in 2018.