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Mike Ditka recounts Jim McMahon’s Thursday night miracle 30 years ago

With all of America watching on ABC, an injured Jim McMahon came off the bench to miraculously rally the Bears past the Vikings 33-24 on a then rare Thursday night football game in 1985.

The Chicago Sun-Times story from 1985:

Jim McMahon turned Thursday Night Football into a made-for-TV movie last night.

McMahon threw touchdown passes on his first two plays in the Bears’ 33-24 victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Then he slowed down. It took him six plays before he threw for another touchdown.

“Unbelievable,” Walter Payton said. “It was like everybody came in at halftime and got out their rosary beads.”

Former Bears coach Mike Ditka talks about how his pesky quarterback made him look smart.

Share Events on The CubeCheck out the entire game here, called by ABC announcers Frank Gifford, Joe Namath and O.J. Simpson: