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Stephen A. Smith: ‘Derrick Rose doesn’t seem to get it’

Derrick Rose met with the media Monday on the first day of Bulls training camp. Instead of talking about the upcoming season under new coach Fred Hoiberg, the oft-injured guard turned the focus to his $93 million contract, which is up in two seasons.

Rose, who is No. 69 on Forbes’ list of highest-paid celebrities, said:

“My mindset was just making sure that I was working out every day, and spending as much time as possible with my son. And focusing on those two things. Making sure my family is financially stable, as far as seeing all the money that they’re passing out in this league. Just telling the truth. Just knowing that my day will be coming up soon, and it’s not for me. It’s for P.J. and his future, so that’s what I’m thinking about now.’’

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, who likes Rose personally but has also been one of Rose’s harshest critics, launched into a five-minute rant about the Bulls point guard’s comments: