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Chris Denorfia walk-off HR was first of its kind in MLB history

Every game it seems the Cubs pull off another first.

Jake Arrieta is the first Cubs pitcher since

Kris Bryant is the first Cubs rookie since

Well, when Chris Denorfia hit a walk-off home run in the 11th inning on Monday to help the Cubs defeat the Royals 1-0, it was the first of its kind in MLB history. No since. EVER!

From Elias via ESPN:

He’s the first pinch-hitter in major-league history to hit a walkoff homer for the only run of an extra-inning win.

Denorfia is only the third player to hit a walkoff home run for the Cubs at Wrigley Field in extra-innings of a game that was scoreless to that point. Joe Pepitone’s 12th-inning home run was the only run of a Cubs’ 1-0 win in 1971, and Frank Secory hit a two-run walkoff homer in the 12th inning in 1946.

For Denorfia, this was the second time he has pulled off a “first” this season.