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Cubs fall just short of 3 million in total attendance

While not nearly as important as wins and losses, a team’s attendance numbers can be a good litmus test on their overall franchise health. Just as they have on the field, the Cubs are getting better in a hurry.

After wrapping up their final regular season home game of the year Monday night, the Cubs released the information on their total attendance, coming in just shy of 3 million.

The 2,959,812 who came to Wrigley Field this year is the highest number the Cubs have had since 2011. It is up more than 300,000 from last year.

Generally, the mark of excellence for a major market club is reaching 3 million. From 2004 through the 2011 season, the Cubs were consistently over that mark.

However, considering the construction that limited seating early in the season, it’s safe to say the Cubs should be happy with their total.

The Cubs finished with the sixth highest attendance on the season, with just a few games left in the year. The Yankees, Giants, Cardinals and league best Dodgers all tallied over 3 million in attendance.

Proving the popularity of the Cubs nationwide, the team averaged the largest road crowd through the season in the league. Averaging nearly 35,000 fans attending road games, the Cubs were well ahead of the Dodgers.

On the other side of town, the White Sox finished with just 1,661,541. That’s good enough for 26th in the league.