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Cubs fans can look to a scheduling quirk for good omens on the Wild Card game

Fans will look to just about anything as a reason for their team to be successful. Cubs fans who need more than just their team’s strong year may notice a strange schedule quirk.

Sports radio and TV host David Kaplan was the first to note the anomaly. The Wild Card game is slated to start at 7:08p.m. CST, or as those in the military would say, 19:08.

That’s not the only strange bit of schedule magic going on. As one of Kaplan’s followers notes, the Wild Card game will be played on Oct. 7, or 10/7. The number 107 should ring a bell.

A stretch? Sure. Meaningless in the long run? Of course. Fun anyways? Absolutely.

Cubs’ fans have been waiting a long time to not only get back to the playoffs but have a team that could contend for the World Series. Whether the 2015 team fits that bill is still up for debate, but it will be a fun ride finding out.