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Pirates' Aramis Ramirez reflects on tenure with Cubs

There are only a few players or front office members remaining in the Cubs organization from the time Aramis Ramirez arrived in 2003. Despite this, it was apparent that many fans recalled his significance to the franchise when the team honored him Sunday.

Before Sunday’s game against division foe and Ramirez’s current team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the North Siders honored him with a tribute video and short on-field ceremony. The only teammate of his during the time of his tenure, Starlin Castro, presented him a No. 16 tile from Wrigley’s center-field scoreboard.

The fans at the stadium welcomed him with a standing ovation.

ESPN’s Jon Greenberg wrote a piece detailing some of his career highlights in Chicago. In the article, Ramirez talked about his emotions Sunday.

“Any time they do something like that, you have to appreciate it,” he said. “That means they appreciate what I did here for a long time.”

“I’m pretty proud of what I did in my career, not only here in Chicago, [but also] in Milwaukee [and] back in Pittsburgh,” he said. “I’m proud [of] every single moment in my career.

His first five seasons as a Cub, Ramirez knocked more than 90 RBIs each year and 25 homers. Although his batting average this year is .248, the 37-year-old has smashed 17 home runs and 75 RBIs.

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