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Packers QB likens Aaron Rodgers to Michael Jordan in his prime

Pound for pound, there are few quarterbacks — past or present — who are as talented at slinging a football around like Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Although he’s played with a star-studded cast for most of his career, make no mistake, Rodgers is the best player on the team. Backup QB Scott Tolzien believes Rodgers is so far ahead of everyone else playing the sport that his reign could only be comparable to Michael Jordan’s dominance.

From ESPN Wisconsin:

“I mean, to me,” Tolzien said, peeking over his shoulder to make sure Rodgers couldn’t hear him, “it’s like watching Jordan in his prime. He’s at the top of his game. He makes it all go.”

“I think, and I just told him after the game, you can’t take for granted what he does. I think sometimes it’s just assumed that that’s how he’s going to play,” Tolzien said. “But he controls the game. He’s just in the zone. The game just seems really slow to him. The checks he makes, the way he controls the tempo, it’s his game.”

Rodgers leads the NFL through three games with an 89.2 quarterback rating. The former Cal Bear has also thrown for 10 touchdowns against zero interceptions this season.

His mastery over the game of football is quite remarkable, but until he wins three Super Bowls in a row — twice — the comparison to Jordan isn’t a strong one.