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Jay Cutler high school basketball mixtape puts Russell Wilson's to shame

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Despite his last pass in the Super Bowl, Russell Wilson is an amazing athlete. Just take a look at his 2012 NFL combine numbers and how they compare to another top quarterback.

Russell Wilson: 71″, 204 lbs, 10.25″ hands, 4.53 40-yard dash, 118″ broad jump, 34″ vertical jump, 6.97 three-cone drill.

Nick Foles: 77″, 243 lbs, 10.63″ hands, 5.03 40-yard dash, 112″ broad jump, 30.5″ vertical jump, N/A three-cone drill.

Rolling Stone—why?—recently unearthed a high school basketball mixtape of the Seahawks quarterback. Exciting stuff, right!? Maybe, if you get fired up by a pre-game layup or a basic inbound pass. I mean, this looks like video even the most-doting parent would immediately delete from their phone. Take a look.

Now, if you’re still awake, watch this old footage of Cutler. The Bears quarterback was a pretty good football player back then, but forward to the 4:28 mark for the hoops. THAT’S how you make a mixtape, Russell!

Maybe basketball wasn’t Wilson’s sport. He was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles and played minor league baseball, so his hardball video has to better, right? Ah, no.

Here (4:48 mark) you can watch him reach base on a walk and go to second base when the ball gets past the catcher. Then, Wilson, with his amazing speed, scores from third base without a play on a deep sacrifice fly ball. Scintillating.