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Dennis McKinnon was surprised the Bears cut Tim Jennings

Heading into the 2015 regular season, the Chicago Bears are without the two cornerbacks that started for them at the beginning of the 2014 regular season.

Charles Tillman, 34, was not brought back by the Bears prior to the season and was picked up by the Carolina Panthers. Earlier this week, the organization cut ways with Tim Jennings, the cornerback who started alongside Tillman in 2014.

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Dennis McKinnon, a wide receiver on the 1985 Bears, isn’t the biggest fan of either of those moves.

“I was really surprised they cut Tim Jennings,” McKinnon said. “They still owe him like $6.5 million, so you mean to tell me they are going to cut the guy, and still owe him guaranteed money, and we get nothing in return for him? Man, that’s a bad move.”