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When Todd Ricketts and Kate Upton discussed manscaping at a Cubs game

ESPN The Magazine did a nice feature on the Ricketts, the family empowered to lift the curse of the Cubs.

Writer Marin Cogan did a wonderful job of capturing the essence of the Ricketts.

Oh, heck. Let’s just get to the good stuff.

Kate Upton is at Wrigley Field to watch the Detroit Tigers and boyfriend Justin Verlander in mid-August. It begins to rain, so Upton heads to a suite with a the Ricketts and others. At one point, Todd Ricketts starts regaling Upton with stories about his acting on “Undercover Boss.” Todd talks about how he wore a fake beard during the reality show, which leads to this exchange from the story:

“I need that disguise!” Upton says.

“It’s simple,” one of the men teases her. “Just don’t shave your face.”

“I have a start!” she jokes. “I have a little upper lip hair. I have to wax it a bit.”

“I do all sorts of manscaping,” Todd responds.

A family friend tries to stop the discussion, but Todd forges ahead with an idea, according to the story:

“Cubs owner Todd Ricketts and his good friend Kate in the Owners’ Body Issue.” He says to Upton: “Will you do that with me?”

“Sure!” she says. “100 percent!” They high-five.