Who is more tradable? Jay Cutler or Derrick Rose

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Chicago’s professional basketball and football teams experience different levels of success. both teams have franchise players that are received differently because of their team’s performance.

Bulls star Derrick Rose is a native son and former league MVP. For a glimpse of his career, it appeared he could have an NBA career that could rival Michael Jordan’s. Then, the leg injuries hit. Despite a Rose recovery, he didn’t quite return to form last season.

The team is built to succeed around him and without him. But make no mistakes, it isn’t built to thrive without him. Although he’s beloved by many loyal fans, his contract and health issues make him a liability.

On the other hand, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is a former Denver Bronco and a signal-caller once viewed to save the franchise. He was (and still is, by some accounts) the best Bears quarterback — based on talent and ability. However, that talent hasn’t translated into much success.

The Bears are 0-3 this season and Cutler is playing for his third coach in Chicago. His contract, injury history and performance makes him liability.

Which franchise cornerstone is the bigger detractor and needs to be traded?

An ESPN poll may surprise a few Chicagoans. By a margin of 18 percent, the country believes Rose is the more tradable player.

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