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Miguel Montero busts the Cubs game open with a grand slam

It seems each Cubs player this year has had their own major moment. Miguel Montero’s may have been Sunday afternoon against the Diamondbacks.

With the Cubs and Diamondbacks tied at one in the sixth inning, Montero came to the plate with the bases loaded.

Montero’s home run gave the Cubs a 5-1 lead. While the Diamondbacks aren’t exactly the biggest test in the world, every win is big this time of year.

The Cubs sit three games behind Pittsburgh for home field advantage in the Wild Card game, and seven and a half up on Washington for the second Wild Card spot.

The grand slam was far from the only highlight for the Cubs Sunday. Before Montero’s shot, Kris Bryant hit a tape measure home run earlier in the game.

Following the Montero big hit, Jonathan Herrera hit an unexpected home run. The pinch hit home run gave the Cubs a 6-1 lead after six innings.