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Caitlyn Jenner calls spoof Halloween costume ‘great’

In Caitlyn Jenner’s interview with Matt Lauer — taped on a golf course — that aired on Wednesday’s “Today,” she called that spoof Halloween costume of her Vanity Fair cover “great,” said she missed nothing about her former life as Bruce Jenner and claimed she remembered “very little” about that fatal car crash that killed a woman back in February.

The Olympic gold medalist also defended her acceptance of the ESPY Award for Courage, which has been widely ridiculed. Jenner told Lauer she did not “ask” for it and saw no reason not to accept the honor.

As for the chain-reaction auto accident that killed Kim Howe in February in Malibu, California, Jenner denied she was speeding. “I was under the speed limit,” said Jenner. “I was going 46 in a 50 [mile-per-hour zone]. … All I needed was probably a half a second [more to stop].”

The TV reality star also said the accident resulting in Howe’s death was a “tragedy I’ll never get over.”

As for the Halloween spoof costume of her Vanity Fair cover, Jenner said, “I’m in on the joke. No, I don’t think it’s offensive all. I know the community does, and they’ve gotten a lot of criticism for doing it. I think it’s great. … You gotta enjoy life. Life’s too short. I can’t get too upset about that stuff.”