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Northwestern's win over Stanford was the most watched cable game of the day

Northwestern’s win over Stanford was huge. Not only for this year’s team, but for the entire program.

It was made exponentially bigger for a reason that the players and coaches had no idea or control over. As the numbers show, there were plenty of eyes on the Wildcats.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Northwestern’s game had the most viewers of any game. Notre Dame and others played on network stations. However, for an early game involving the Wildcats, this is a huge deal.

The big win in front of the big audience should help the Wildcats get a little more attention going forward. While the rest of their non-conference schedule doesn’t look like much, they have important games left.

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Once the Big Ten conference starts, Northwestern has games against Michigan, Nebraska, Penn State, and Wisconsin. If they continue to win, significantly more attention will be paid to those games.