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It turns out Trayce Thompson can hit righties too

When a young prospect gets called up to the big leagues, there is a feeling out process. The manager needs to figure out what the young player can, and can’t do.

It is now clear that White Sox rookie Trayce Thompson can, in fact, hit right handed pitchers.

Since being called up in August, White Sox manager Robin Ventura had been using Thompson primarily against lefties. However, as his value has been proven, Ventura has started using Thompson against righties as well.

And it’s worked out just fine.

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In fact, while the sample sizes aren’t even, he has been better in some ways against right handers than left. Thompson has already drawn more walks from the right side and is quickly catching up in RBI.

Wednesday night, against Cleveland right hander Josh Tomlin, Thompson hit his third home run of the season. His first off of a righty.

The White Sox aren’t going anywhere this season. But with players like Thompson coming into their own, it is impossible to call the season a complete loss.